Woody Pear

The Art of Australian Printmaker Helen Clarke

Artworks (small)
All artworks are printed on cotton rag, fine art paper using oil-based or water-based printing inks. Thumbnails do not show the full image
a hill far away sml.jpg

A Hill Far Away (lino 5x30cm)

Amplexicaulis small copy.jpg

Aspects of Amplexicaulis (etching 30x14cm)

Arrangement - Anigozanthos sml.jpg

Arrangement Anigozanthos (etching 10x30cm)

Birds on a Bowl  copy.jpg

Birds on a Bowl (etching 15x12cm)

Bowl with Pods 1

Bowl with Pods 1 (lino 19x14cm)

Bowl with Pods 2

Bowl with Pods 2 (lino 14x19cm)

Bowl with Pods 3

Bowl with Pods 3 (lino 14x19cm)


Bowl (etching 11x17cm)

Cochlospermum fraseri - Kapok Bush sml.jpg

Kapok Bush (etching 12x14cm)

Desert Kurrajong sml

Desert Kurrajong (12x15cm)


Gifts (etching 17x11cm)

Hakea lorea sml

Hakea Lorea (lino 23x25cm)

Layers sml.jpg

Layers (mixed textiles)

Lilies at Eradu sml

Lilies at Eradu (lino 25x33cm)

Quandong copy.jpg

Quandong (etching 12x15cm)

Scattered sml

Scattered (lino 33x25cm)

Seeds and Pods

Seeds and Pods (etching 14x19cm)

Wall Flowers.jpeg

Wall Flowers (etching 17x11cm)