‘Woody Pear’ reduction lino print


Helen Clarke is a fine art printmaker. She spent her childhood on a farm in Western Australia and was surrounded by bush rich in unique flora and fauna which she explored on a daily basis. It is not surprising that, as an adult and an artist, she is intrigued with the diversity of the landscape.

Her current works are hand-coloured etchings of fruits, seeds and pods and reduction relief prints exploring the flora of the south-west of Western Australia. Other works include those inspired by her two year voyage around Australia on a cruising yacht.
Explorations into the fragility and durability of memory evinced by fragments left behind by former generations are a growing interest. Living in a century-old former convent in an historic farming area of the mid-west of Western Australia

The medium of reduction lino printing enables the artist to use strong colour and texture. Reduction linoprints are created by printing up to 25 oil colours and cutting the lino plate between each colour printed to produce a lustrous, textured surface. Because of the complex nature of the process, the editions are usually limited to less than twenty prints and cannot be reprinted as the plate is destroyed with the process of printing.

I am concerned about the fragility of the environment and the viability of species affected by climate change. I explore past, current and future relationships between people and the natural world around us.

tray of pods